Black Friday Sale SMS Marketing

Use our “Done For You” SMS and Voice SMS Copies For Black Friday this November


Here are 3 options of copies you could use for your Black Friday offer SMS to blast to your customers: 

Send 3 emails TEA strategy to drive action: (Teaser, Engagement, Action)


(This can be sent with your bulk SMS package to inform users and create excitement. Teasers allow customers to set aside cash to make purchases they have desired to make but have not acted on due to financial constraints)

See below a few options:

  1. Exciting news! We are preparing offers for Black Friday on all our [perfume products “product name”. Promo lasts 14 days!
  2. Black Friday Alert! Get [discount percentage] OFF on our [product”! Save some money from [start date] to [deadline]. Get ready! 
  3. Buy while prices are low this Black Friday! Flash Sale offers would be available on our instagram page

Get ready, time’s ticking!


(Our VoiceSMS service is a super big attempt for Engagement. Your users would hear your short message advertising your black Friday offer. All you have to do is record an audio and send a blast. You could double layer your marketing offer by also sending an SMS to the same list to increase possibilities of increasing sales!)

  1. Happy Black Friday! “Company Name” brings you jaw-dropping discounts on our “all our ladies shoes” from “timeline”! 

2. Black Friday Bonanza 💥 Save big on all “product/service” this Black Friday! Claim your [discount percentage] discount now and dominate the market!

3. Black Friday Blowout Sale! Get the best deal on all [name of products] Enjoy up to 50% discount from now till the [deadline] at any of our shops in Accra.


(Generate a link to your WhatsApp, your Instagram/Facebook shop, or your website so the users can shop or make orders. Use any of the URL shorteners to make your links shorter)

  1. Black Friday Blowout Sale! Get the best deal on all [name of products] Enjoy up to 50% discount from now till the [deadline] at any of our shops in Accra.
  2. Black Friday Sale! Save up to 50% off on [name of products] from now till the [deadline] at 
  3. Attention Customers! Black Friday Madness is here! Enjoy 15% discount on our online store: Hurry, offer ends soon! 

Feel free to customize these options based on your specific discount percentage, brand voice, product or service and target audience to maximize the impact of your Black Friday offer.

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