Reach & Engage with Bulk SMS

Reach & Engage your target audience using an efficient Bulk SMS platform. Need to reach your target audience? Well, you’re on the right page! We can help you send Bulk SMS messages to the people you want to reach. Our system is easy to use.

Use Bulk SMS Technology to Get Personal with Your Customers

Unleash the power of one of the most widely used communication channels today. SMS marketing can be your gateway to engaging with your audience at any time of day and anywhere in the world with campaigns that are easy to set up and send with just one click. Track the beats of your campaigns with all the stats and delivery reports in one place!

Unleash the Power of Bulk SMS

Grab Your Audience's Attention:

98% of messages are read, which means it's the best and most direct way to reach your target audience and get your message across. A large portion of your users or business audience will still be on mobile devices. Grab their attention with targeted Bulk SMS campaigns and engage with them.

Birthday Messaging:

Birthday Messages are deeply personal and heartfelt messages that can make someone's day memorable. With most individuals staying connected through mobile devices, seizing this opportunity becomes paramount. Make every moment count, and leave a lasting impression with thoughtful greetings tailored just for them.

Easy-to-Use Platform:

Manage all your campaigns on our easy-to-use platform. Create, optimize and send your campaigns across a single platform and save time.

Get Personal:

Personal messages make people feel special, and customers who feel special will keep coming back. Engage them with personalized messages by including their name or other personal details in the message. Create your message template and let the system handle the rest.

Custom Sender IDs:

Use your company name as the sender of your message. A personalized sender ID allows you to identify yourself without the need for the recipient to save your number and increases your open rates.

Personalized Messages Through WordPress Content Management.

Over 70% open rate for personalised messages via WordPress CMS. In a crowded digital landscape, tailor your content to individual interests. Whether engaging blog readers or clients, personalised messaging on WordPress cuts through the noise, fostering meaningful connections and maximising engagement.

Bulk Campaigns:

Do you have thousands of contacts to reach? Use our one-click solution and send important campaigns with custom settings as you want to thousands of contacts with just one click.


The platform gives you full access to reports that easily show you the delivery status of each message. Easily download invalid contacts and remove them from future campaigns.

The best ever. Kudos Arkesel
Dennis McaineDennis Mcaine
16:23 23 Nov 23
The best app for all your bulk SMS. I just love it.
Raja DuraiRaja Durai
16:19 20 Nov 23
very good service. I have been using it for more than a year. It is good.
21:33 19 Oct 23
Very Easy to Use. I really Love how the support team collaborate with us.
Joshua GblorkporJoshua Gblorkpor
11:08 27 Jan 22
Great services. Affordable rates.One feature I like is not having to approve SenderIDs (that feature can be annoying especially slow approval times)This feature has made me stay with themVery good support as well. Thumbs up to the team

Bulk SMS (Expires)

Price (GHS)SMS CreditPrevious Cost Per SMSCost Per SMSExpiry
5,000228,3110.0240.0213 Months
2,00091,5330.0240.02193 Months
1,00043,4780.0310.02763 Months
50020,7040.0270.02423 Months
2007,9050.0280.02533 Months
1003,7810.0290.02653 Months
501,8120.0310.02763 Months
206960.0320.02883 Months

Bulk SMS (No Expiry)

Price (GHS)SMS CreditPrevious Cost Per SMSCost Per SMSExpiry
GHS 5,000200,000.0270.025No Expiry
GHS 2,00080,0000.0270.025No Expiry
GHS 1,00038,4620.0290.026No Expiry
GHS 50018,5190.0300.027No Expiry
GHS 2007,1430.0310.028No Expiry
GHS 1003,4480.0320.029No Expiry
GHS 501,6670.0260.023No Expiry
GHS 206450.0260.023No Expiry

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