Message & Engage Your Audience with Bulk SMS, Voice, Email & USSD

We offer a simple, powerful and modern communication platform for you. From Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, Voice, OTP and USSD APIs, we have something for all of your communication needs, and we’re here for you whenever you need us. Explore our communication apps for free and upgrade your communication game today!

The best communication & interaction platform.

Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS Service is the best way to reach out to a large number of contacts anywhere in the world because our platform is simple, efficient and easy to use.


Build USSD enabled applications that allow customers to perform actions from their mobile devices like ordering a service, inquiring about an account and much more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead as our email platform helps you send beautifully designed, structured and personalized email campaigns that get results.


Voice SMS allows you to send recorded voice messages to your audience in the language of their choice consequently providing them with the best content relevant to their needs.

Phone Verification (OTP)

OTP is a simple and secure way to verify your users' identity and protect their transactions. Integrate our OTP API and easily verify user identities and offer better security to your customers.

Developer APIs

We build developer-friendly APIs you can integrate into most systems to save time & increase efficiency because our APIs are built with developers in mind. We want to make it easy for you to add new features quickly.

What is Arkesel?

Meet Arkesel, the best Bulk SMS, Voice, Email Marketing & USSD service in Africa. We take the complications out of communication by providing platforms to manage your business communication. Connect and engage with customers since our platform allows you to connect and communicate instantly with your customers and target audience.


Be in touch with your customers and target audience anywhere in the world with Bulk SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Pass on information effectively to customers to increase sales because Arkesel will help you improve your communication experience with your audience.


Are you using an outdated communication platform that makes it harder for you to engage with your customers? Create relationships with your customers or audience to drive sales, brand loyalty, and awareness as you can engage with your customers through our two-way communication channel.


Optimize your communication channels by adding multiple communication apps on your website or app. Open multiple channels and allow users interact with your team via Bulk SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Create and send personalized messages to drive engagement and reach more people around the world.


With simple API integration, you can start having conversations with your customers and audience via SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Our APIs are built with developers in mind. We want to make it easy for you to add new features quickly, so we made sure that every API call is documented and that you have access to our support team if you need help. Integrate SMS, email, voice, and USSD in your favorite programming language
The best ever. Kudos Arkesel
Dennis McaineDennis Mcaine
16:23 23 Nov 23
The best app for all your bulk SMS. I just love it.
Raja DuraiRaja Durai
16:19 20 Nov 23
very good service. I have been using it for more than a year. It is good.
21:33 19 Oct 23
Very Easy to Use. I really Love how the support team collaborate with us.
Joshua GblorkporJoshua Gblorkpor
11:08 27 Jan 22
Great services. Affordable rates.One feature I like is not having to approve SenderIDs (that feature can be annoying especially slow approval times)This feature has made me stay with themVery good support as well. Thumbs up to the team
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