Developer APIs - Bulk SMS, USSD, Voice and OTP

Writing codes for weeks is for the experts. If you have to spend one full week writing codes without help, it’s time to explore Arkesel! In a matter of minutes, you can integrate APIs for Bulk SMS, USSD, OTP, and Voice or before you’re done with your cup of coffee.

Top-Notch Developer APIs

There are many communication APIs on the market that are available through various online vendors. But Arkesel’s APIs are a layer of difference because it’s easy to ensure that they are developer-friendly, easy to use, and integrate with most systems.


Our SMS APIs Interact with your customers using the most effective means of communication available: SMS. Because our SMS API is super developer-friendly and allows integration with your system and ensures no critical learning curve.

Our Voice APIs

Stay in touch with your customers directly and in the most impactful way with perfectly recorded and delivered voice messages because our Voice SMS API is the best in the business.

Resources to Set You Up

We have a technical and documentation support team that will guide you through the integration and customization process to ensure that the APIs are configured in the best way to give you the best results.

Multiple Key API Management

Our multiple key API management solution centralizes control over diverse APIs, enabling efficient access configuration and permission management. With granular control and enhanced security measures, businesses can orchestrate seamless interactions between various systems. This empowers development teams to innovate rapidly, streamlining operations and driving business growth.

Low Credit and Balance Alert

Receive timely notifications for low credit and balance alerts, ensuring you stay informed about your account balance. Our alert system provides real-time updates, empowering you to manage your balances effectively and avoid unexpected disruptions. Stay in control and make informed decisions with our proactive alert service.

Sandbox Testing

Utilize WordPress tools for sandbox testing, enabling developers to simulate real-world scenarios in a controlled environment. With features tailored for testing plugins, themes, and customizations, WordPress facilitates seamless experimentation and debugging. Enhance your development workflow by leveraging sandbox testing to ensure reliability and compatibility before deploying changes to production environments.


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