The Do’s & Don’ts for Successful Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows businesses to promote their products and services to customers through emails. It has become one of the best marketing methods among various businesses because of how easily they can reach their target audience. Along with its ease of reach, it serves as a consistent interactive experience between businesses and customers. As a business, it is essential to know most of the things you should do when using email marketing to make operations much easier to deliver ideal customer value.

            The first thing to do in email marketing is to determine who will be on your emailing list. An emailing list is a collection of email addresses you have collected using different mediums such as your blog and website. For a business to succeed with email marketing, it must have a defined target for the email marketing campaigns. To this end, you will need to build an email list that includes people who are interested in your products or services. But how do you get their email addresses to begin with? The solution is simple: invite them to subscribe on your website, either by using a subscribe button throughout your site or with an exit-intent popup to give them the option to subscribe before leaving your website. Some ways to convince your target audience to subscribe to your email subscription list are:

  1. A Demonstration of its value: As part of your sign-up form, don’t just say something like “Subscribe to our Newsletter” or “Join our Email List.” It will be seen as boring. Instead, include messaging that describes the value of your content. Tell visitors that by signing up, they’ll receive great tips and how-to, deals, savings, or other subscribe-worthy incentives. For your visitors to willingly give you their email address, you need to make those benefits crystal clear – and answer the question they have, “what benefit do I get from this?”
  2. Offering great incentives: Another great way to generate more opt-ins is to give subscribers exclusive access to some kind of offering, whether it’s free content, coupons, resources, etc. For example, getting access to exclusive guides not available anywhere else on your website or giving first-time subscribers a special gift.

Another thing to do is set goals for the e-mail marketing campaigns. Setting goals for your email marketing campaign helps define your campaign’s direction and measure the campaign’s effectiveness. To come up with goals for your campaigns, you can ask the following questions:

  1. What actions do you want your subscribers to take when they receive your email?
  2. Who are you targeting, and why?
  3. How will you measure the success of the campaign? Will success be based on clicks, conversions, etc.?

What can make the realization of your campaign’s success a certainty is the increasing number of subscribers to your list, which increases the level of engagement. Continuously offering quality value to your audience with a friendly tone will have them gravitating towards you as being upright and dependable.

The creation of attractive headlines is also a way to go. Just like blogs and newspapers, headlines must grab the attention of readers if they’re ever to take an interest in reading the contents of the e-mail. Aside from the grabbing headlines, the contents must be kept brief, understandable, and avoiding any words or phrases that could bore readers.

As good as responses are for businesses that take a dip in the waters of email marketing, it is important to follow up on those responses and categorize them as “good” or “bad”. Responses, in this case, would have to do with what they think of your services. This helps inform businesses of what areas they’re doing well in and what areas they’re doing poorly. The categorized feedback helps in the development of necessary implementations to keep things going in a more positive direction. This also pertains to businesses collecting data from customers, such as how many people like your services or how many suggestions there are for service improvements.

With several things done in email marketing, there are others things we cannot do as well. These don’ts can affect the success of your campaign. It is good to know these don’ts, especially if you are new to email marketing. Some email marketing mistakes to avoid include:

  1. The overuse of images. If the attractiveness of your email depends on a large number of images, it may never be read. Additionally, images may take a long time to load, and you don’t want your reader’s initial interest to wane as they wait. So, add a couple of images, but make sure your message gets across in text form.
  2. Sending too many emails to your clients should not be done as well. Sending too many emails will only turn your readers off to what you have to offer. A good way to plan the number of emails you send is to wait three days after the initial one to send a follow-up. Once that is done, wait three weeks before you send another one unless your reader answers with specific questions, in which case, respond immediately.
  3. Sharing the email addresses of your clients with third parties without the consent of your clients. Giving your clients’ e-mail addresses to third parties without their knowledge betrays the trust they had in you. The email addresses shared with you are confidential and should only be shared with the subscriber’s permission.
  4. Forgetting to add a call to action is also something that must not be done. A call to action can be described as clicking on a link that leads to your website or filling out a subscription form for future content on your site. No matter how great, compelling, or engaging your email is, not adding a link to whatever you are trying to promote means no customer will have any knowledge about it or believe that your mail’s content is authentic. After all, such an email is not enough to show your readers everything you have to offer.

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