Bulk SMS Platforms: What Could They Be?

Every mobile phone user out there knows a thing or two about SMS (Short Message Service). Yes SMS, the method of reaching out to your phone contacts via text messages, has become one of the most reliable forms of communication between businesses and customers. But aside from messages being sent from the phone, it would surprise most people to know that these messages can be sent from a web or mobile application to multiple phone numbers at the click of a button. This technology is popularly referred to as Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a way of sending text messages from a web or mobile app interface to your contacts without using the traditional way of sending messages. There are various types of Bulk SMS Platforms in the form of Web2SMS which allows users to send messages from websites/web apps to mobile phones, and Email2SMS which enables sending messages via email. 98% of messages are read, which means this is the best and most direct way to reach your target audience and get your message across. A large portion of your business users or audience will always be on mobile.

As a Bulk SMS Platform provider in its own right, Arkesel utilizes this as a way of efficiently and quickly reaching our customer base and we wish to extend such a cost-saving courtesy to all our customers, both new and existing ones. One feature of Arkesel’s Bulk SMS Platform is the personalized messages sent to your contacts that make them feel special by inserting their names in the messages. Personalized SMS increases the conversion rate and can be used to market your products or services to thousands of contacts with just the click of a button on your computer. Bulk SMS Platforms are tools used to send SMS messages to your customer(s).

Using Arkesel’s Bulk SMS service comes with the following benefits:

Fast and Easy:
With Arkesel’s Bulk SMS service, it is easy to create and send out messages. You can use our message template feature to save your message for future use. You can upload your contacts to the platform and organize them into contact lists.

Cost-Effectiveness: Advertising and other forms of consumer communication can be very costly in today’s competitive marketing world. But your communication with multiple customers via SMS doesn’t have to cost you much. Arkesel’s Bulk SMS service is affordable.

Reliability: Arkesel’s Bulk SMS is very reliable. Your messages get delivered within seconds. i.e.: You can check the status of your messages to confirm if your contacts have received them.

SMS Branding: SMS messages are sent using your organization’s name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also enhances brand promotion.

Access Everywhere: Since Arkesel’s Bulk SMS is offered as an online service, you can easily access it from anywhere in the world so long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Text Message Scheduling: Easily schedule messages to go out on any date & time. You can set up a single campaign, or take care of several months’ worth of promotions all at once.

Message Personalization: Insert the name of your contacts into messages and make them more personalized. E.g. “Hello John, thank you for buying from us. We hope to see you soon.”. With this feature, you don’t need to compose a separate message for each contact.

Delivery Reports: When you send a message, we always present you with a comprehensive report about the people who received your message successfully and those who didn’t. Delivery reports indicate the message status, e.g. Delivered, Undelivered, Submitted, Expired.

Application Program Interface(API):  Whether you are an independent developer or a large corporation, our SMS API (HTTP or SMPP) will easily allow your application to start sending messages.

Safety of User Data: The security of users’ data is of great importance to Arkesel hence we ensure data is stored or shared on our platform is well protected and secure.

Arkesel’s SMS Gateway is the ultimate tool you need for your business and the most convenient way to reach your users/customers with just the click of a button. Looking to make communication between you and your customers much easier? Then visit https://arkesel.com/bulk-sms to know more and begin your journey.

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