How To Top-Up Your Arkesel Account

Arkesel has SMS plans you can choose from that fit your needs. The process of making a purchase or recharging is quite simple and straightforward.

Purchasing an SMS Plan

  • To purchase an SMS package or recharge your account balance, kindly visit the website,
  • Click on the Login option on the top right corner of the page and enter your Email Address and Password used during your Arkesel account creation.
  • You will be redirected to the various services that Arkesel offers. Kindly click on Bulk SMS.
  • To top up your SMS Balance kindly place your mouse pointer on Recharge and click on Purchase SMS Plan.
  • You will see the various plans and respective prices.
  • For instance, you will notice the GH¢10 plan offers up to 385 messages, GH¢20 offers up to 800 messages, etc.
  • No Expiry means the credit does not expire until it is used up, while Expiry means it can be used within a period of six months.
  • After identifying which plan you want to purchase, click on View Features for your preferred plan.
  • You are then provided with a breakdown of the plan you want to buy and the validity period.
  • Click on Purchase Now below and select your preferred payment method. Click on Purchase Now after selecting a payment method.

If you chose the Flutterwave payment option, you are redirected to a page where payment is being done.

The page provides alternative payment methods such as Debit/Credit card and Mobile Money payment options.

Mobile Money option (Flutterwave)

If you want to pay with mobile money, click on the Pay with Mobile Money option.

  1. Select your preferred network operator and enter your mobile money number. Click on Pay (with the amount) to complete the transaction.
  2. A message prompt will pop up on your mobile phone to confirm the transaction. Free spins with
  3. Kindly confirm by entering your mobile money pin to complete the transaction.
  4. After confirming payment, wait for a few seconds to be redirected to the Arkesel platform and your account topped up automatically.
Credit/Debit Card option (Flutterwave)

When paying with a card, select the Pay with Card option.

  1. Provide the card number, the period of validity for the card, and the CVV.
  2. After all the above has been provided, click on Pay.
  3. Once the payment is processed, wait for a few seconds to be redirected to the Arkesel platform and your account topped up automatically.

ExpressPay option

If you chose ExpressPay, you have the option to use either your Visa Card, Mastercard, Amex or Discover card, Mobile Money, and ExpressCard. To use any of these options, kindly click on the respective option displayed on the page.

Kindly note that paying with mobile money on this page also follows the same steps used for Flutterwave payment option. You can alternatively select the third payment option and click continue to use your ExpressCard for the transaction.

Recharging your SMS balance

If you want to recharge your Balance, visit Recharge and then Balance Top Up.

Enter the amount you want to buy under Purchase Amount and click on Pay Now.

The next page displays the various payment methods. Select your preferred payment method and follow the steps used to top up SMS Balance.

After confirming payment, wait for a few seconds to be redirected to the Arkesel platform, and your account topped up automatically.

I hope this guide has helped guide you through recharging your SMS Balance and Main Balance.

You can look at other articles tailored to your needs concerning Arkesel and watch our videos on how to use our other services.

Thank you

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