Make Your Customers In Tanzania Feel Safe with One Time Passwords

People are very conscious of their physical assets, but they often forget that their digital assets are equally important and require a lot of security protocols such as backups, passwords, and authentication steps. This is where one-time passwords popularly called OTP come into play.

Verify Transactions

Generate one-time passwords to verify customer identities and transactions via SMS, Voice, and Email. User identity verification is important to prevent fraud and protect accounts from being compromised.

Benefits of OTP Systems


Fraud Prevention

One Time Password is safer than any standard password because it protects user accounts and user transactions.


Robot Blocking

These passwords prevent bots from trying to steal important and secure information


Two-Factor Authentication Systems

One Time Passwords can help you add an extra layer of security to your application without adding complexity to your users.


Prevent Fake Users

One Time Passwords can help reduce new account sign-up fraud and bulk account creation attempts.


Passwordless Logins

Users do not have to remember a password and can be simply verified with an OTP every time they log in.
OTP is undoubtedly the best innovation for secure transactions online and any business dealing in e-commerce and finance should have it as part of their connection protocol because it is extremely safe and reliable.


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