How To Get Customers On Your Mailing List

Email Marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services to your target market and has proved to be quite successful for various companies. For such successes to be realized, companies must do well to get the bulk of their potential and current customers onto their email subscription list to foster and maintain great relationships with them. Arkesel prides itself on helping its clients navigate through this task with several methods to ensure that this goal of getting many subscribers on board to utilize the email marketing service is achieved.  Some ways to increase your number of email subscribers include:

a.         The visibility of subscription options: One thing about joining a mailing list is that customers must be able to see the option to subscribe to it without too much trouble as this form of convenience ensures them that this is something definitely worth using. After all, you cannot increase your number of subscribers if no one knows where or how to subscribe to your content. The first thing you should do is include a sign-up form on your website, blog, or resources pages. To further increase your odds, add a link to the form in your email signature, on your social media channel company descriptions, and other relevant locations. QR Codes are also an alternative that can be utilized.

b.         Use of pop-ups: In reference to the first tip, pop-ups are also a solid way of making customers aware of email subscriptions.  When used smartly in the form of giving away useful freebies, free reports, and useful tips and suggestions, pop-ups can help to accelerate the number of subscribers that you get in your email list. This can further increase your conversion rates as a large number of people are seeing your offers and they can’t help but notice your opt-in box. Implementing a pop-up form to your website is like creating a shortcut to building your subscriber base. You can simply add one to your site and leverage the benefits that it has to offer.

c.         Demonstration of Immediate Value: When setting up your sign-up form, do not just write up something like “Join Our Email List” or “Subscribe To Our Newsletter”. Those statements have been overused by many companies for the sake of subscriptions and would not quite rope the interest of potential subscribers. They need something fresh and exciting that has them wanting and needing more of your content. You can tell your email recipients that they’ll receive great tips and how-to’s, deals, savings, or other subscribe-worthy incentives. In order for your visitors to willingly fork over their email address, you need to make those benefits crystal clear – and answer the question “What do I get out of this?

d.         Offering of special “subscriber-only” incentives: Another great way to generate more sign-ups is to give subscribers exclusive access to some kind of special or enticing offering, whether it’s free content or resources For example if you offer access to exclusive information and tips not available anywhere else on this service! Or, give first-time subscribers a special gift. Just make sure you keep your promise regarding these or your integrity falls into question, putting future subscriptions at risk.

e.         Giving a sneak preview: To encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list, you can implement certain things such as short videos to let customers know what to expect from subscribing to the email marketing service. This gives them cause to anticipate what will come next from this experience, prompting them to share with colleagues. This is akin to the film industry when trailers are released to rake in fans’ interest in upcoming movies. When done effectively, sneak-peeks can be used to appeal to new subscribers.

f.          Show Unique Proof: Numbers are powerful. Once your list starts to gain some traction, it’s persuasive to publicly show how many subscribers you have. This demonstrates authority and social proof to your visitors that your email subscription is worth providing their precious contact information.

g.         Hosting Of Webinars:  Webinars are the perfect opportunity to talk about your industry and access the audience of thought leaders that you may want to present with. The best part? Webinars are normally registered for via email, so you have audience emails to add to your list for further nurturing upon registration.

h.         Make Your Email Shareable: Let your subscribers do some of the work for you. Many email marketing applications even have these features built-in, or they enable you to use tools like social media sharing buttons, which recipients can use to share your email via social media. And don’t forget to include social sharing functionality on the landing page where your email sign-up is located.

i.          Finding Out What Works And What Does Not Work: The only way to really know what works best is to test your subscription options. Try testing different offers, headlines, form placements, or incentives. Comparing your sign-up form to another variation will provide insight into the types of offers that work best for your audience. Once you start trying different strategies and examining the results, you will likely end up with a powerful offer that drastically increases your subscription rate.

Arkesel’s Email Marketing service comes equipped with such features to facilitate the fostering and maintenance of customer-business relationships through mail listing, such as promotional emails that get the word on your business across, fully-featured automation to send subscriptions to customers, reminder emails for subscriptions to ensure your customers remain alert of the opportunities you have to offer. Find out more at to begin building a devoted and strong customer base.

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