Reach & Engage with Voice SMS

Voice is an accurate and useful way to reach your customers and audience and ensure your message has a lasting impact. Reach your audience on a more personal level through Voice SMS campaigns. Use recorded audio messages to send your message and offers across to your target audience in their preferred language.

Benefits of Voice SMS


Voice messages offer businesses consistency in communication. Businesses can maintain uniform messaging if Voice SMS systems are set up.


The set up for Voice SMS is cost-effective. Once in place, all you have to do is record the message and hit send.


Voice SMS can connect with your audience more effectively as listening to a message is more impactful than just reading it.


Voice SMS eliminates language barriers; you can send a message to your audience in the language they understand.


The use of Voice allows you to get rid of the noise and deliver an accurate message to your target audience.

Automate Front- Desk Operations

As a business, voice messaging can automate a lot of your front desk operations like

  • Important Reminders

    Send pre-recorded reminders to your customers to pay bills or make it to their appointments and meetings on time. You can pre-set notifications to make sure your customers are reminded of important events.

  • Promotions

    Let your customers know what is new, and share offers and promos through recorded and personalized voice messages.


How Can You Use Arkesel's Voice Messaging? Your Campaign, Your Choice

Optimize and schedule your campaigns for audiences anywhere and anytime. This depends on you and your need for the campaign.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Mind boggled with numbers and stats that you do not understand? No problem! One benefit of using Arkesel's services is that it's easy to use platform lets you create and send voice campaigns with easy steps.

Customize Where Needed

With Arkesel's voice messaging, you can customize campaigns the way you want. Get personal with your audience and make them feel special through personalized messages and IVRs.

Clear Reporting

As a business owner, you do not have the time to be drowned in numbers that do not make sense. You need meaningful reporting that can help you make the right decisions at the right time. The Arkesel dashboard gives you all insights in one place.