Wholesale A2P SMS


Arkesel’s Wholesale A2P SMS is an SMS sending service designed for wholesale SMS customers. It connects you directly to our gateway to quickly, efficiently, and securely send large volumes of messages to our destination countries.
With expertise in telecommunications operations and mobile marketing, Arkesel is a reliable partner for sending large volumes of SMS traffic from our wholesale partners. We also manage and optimize message routes in real-time to always provide the very best value for money.

Who can use Arkesel’s Wholesale A2P SMS


Thanks to our vast experience in the market, we provide first-rate solutions to major mobile operators.

SMS Providers

We offer the best rates for bulk SMS companies. Providing the best routesto our destination countriesat the best market price.


We provide our resellers with the fastest and most efficient infrastructure for sending SMS.

Our Bulk SMS Wholesale service is the most robust and cost-effective solution for bulk SMS messaging.

Why Arkesel?

Here’s why you should trust Arkesel to send millions of SMS each day with our Wholesale A2P service.
  • Robust bulk SMS service with high availability
  • Best value for money
  • High performance and fast delivery time
  • Professional technical support
  • Scalability
  • High messaging speed
  • Exclusive rates for wholesale and reseller customers


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