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Arkesel provides platforms for engagement and personnalized communication using SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Explore our apps for free and step up your communication game.


The only platform you’ll need for communication and engagement

Bulk SMS

Reach & Engage your target audience anywhere in the world using Bulk SMS.

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Develop interactive text based applications using our USSD service.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead! Send designed and structured email campaigns.

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Send recorded audio messages to your audience in their preferred language.

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Phone Verification (OTP)

Verify users' identity and secure transactions using SMS and Voice.

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Developer-friendly APIs you can integrate into most systems.

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What is Arkesel?

Meet Arkesel. Arkesel takes the complications out of communication by providing platforms to manage your business communication. Connect and engage with customers.


Communicate with your customers and target audience anywhere. Use SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Communicate effectively with customers to increase sales. Arkesel will help you improve your communication experience with your audience.

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Create a relationship with your customers or audience that fosters brand loyalty and awareness.

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Optimize your communication channels by adding multiple communication apps on your website or app. Open multiple channels and let users interact with your team via SMS, Email, Voice and USSD. Create and send personalized messages that drive engagement and reach more people. 

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Integrate communication easily into your web or mobile applications using Arkesel’s APIs. Integrate SMS, Email, Voice and USSD using your preferred programming language. Send transaction notification, automated voice calls, receive customer orders etc.


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Who is Arkesel for?

Arkesel is for companies, organizations and institutions that want to communicate with their customers, members or target audience through multiple channels through rich experience. Arkesel is also for developers looking to integrating communication channels into their application.

How Arkesel works?

The products are accessible via your browser or our APIs. To get started you need to create and activate your account. Try the system for free after activating your account. When ready make payment for your preferred service bundle. It’s that easy. Go ahead and try it now.

Where is Arkesel Available?

The Arkesel SMS and USSD services are available in:

  • Ghana
Email is available in: All countries