Reach & Engage with SMS

Reach, Engage and Report on your audience through the ever-present and instant communication form that is SMS.


Use SMS Technology to Get Personal with Your Customers

Harness the power of one of the most used communication channels out there to date. SMS marketing can be your gateway to interacting with your audience any time of the day and anywhere in the world with campaigns that are set up easily and sent with one click. Keep your hand on the pulse of your campaigns through all stats and delivery reports in one place!

Unleash the Power of SMS


Grab Your Audience's Attention:

98% of messages are read, which means this is the best and most direct way to reach your target audience and get your message across. A large chunk of your business users or audience will always be on mobile. Get their attention with targeted messaging campaigns and engage with them.


Easy-to-Use Platform:

Manage all campaigns in our easy-to-use platform. Create, optimize and send your campaigns through one platform and save time.


Get Personal:

Personal messages make people feel special, and customers that feel special will keep coming back for more. Engage them with personalized messages and campaigns by inserting their name or other personal details in messages. Create your message template and let the system handle the rest.


Custom Sender IDs:

Use your business name as the sender of your message. Custom Sender IDs allow you to identify yourself without the need for the recipient to have your number saved and increase your messages' opening rate


Bulk Campaigns:

Do you have thousands of contacts to reach? Use our one-click solution and send the campaign that matters with customized settings the way you like to thousands of contacts in one click.



The platform gives you full access to easy reporting that shows you the delivery status of each message. Easily download invalid contacts and remove them from future campaigns.